Slowness can be described as the process of hesitation, delay or deceleration – a pause in time to experience the temporary. Being a designer that is emerged within the fast-pace university life, I believe that by using slowness as basis for my practical work, it is possible to design single moments where the students of Stellenbosch University are present, grounded and slow. By exploring new ways to create slowness, I will not only be designing for the well-being of my fellow students, but also for myself. I believe that my personal struggle with the ability to stay mindful and present, will allow me the insight to create successful and individualised ways to promote slowness. The brand PAUSE, Seeking the in-between was created to achieve this aim.

A day in the life of PAUSE is a curious one. It is always seeking – looking to find the in-between. It is unexpected, exciting, mysterious and compelling. PAUSE is observing, introspective and informative. It questions its surroundings and thoughts, as well as those of others. PAUSE is considerate and kind; it is attentive and mindful of other’s well-being. It is considerate in how it prompts engagement – even though it is informative, it doesn’t bombard the target audience with information, but rather allows them to discover it for themselves. PAUSE is a good listener – it is always ready to hear someone’s story. 

pause, and seek
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