PAUSE is an exploration of mindful drawing to enhance student well-being. It provides students of Stellenbosch University, especially those struggling with overbearing thoughts, with the experience to express themselves and tell their stories through the act of drawing. By doing this, students will not only learn new things about themselves, but also about their fellow students. During the Covid-19 pandemic it is especially important to take care of one’s own mental well-being, as well as check- ing in on those of fellow students. 

The goal of PAUSE is to create subtle moments where students are able to slow down and become present within the fast-pace  technological era they’re currently living in (to seek the in-between). PAUSE motivates experiences of community and welcomes each student’s own creativity and voice to come across in their drawings. It strives to create a sensory experience with the target audience – allowing them to feel and see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

pause, and seek
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